Update #1!

It's the first update to Erebos! I've fixed a bunch of bugs that plagued the original release and added a bunch of quality of life improvements.

Here is a partial changelog:

  • Some people didn't know about all the controls for the game, so now a screen that shows you how to play is displayed before each new game
  • Lots of stuff around the checkpoint system. Now, when you load a checkpoint, the main character reminds you of all the things you've done, so you know what the state of the game is. Also, items you picked up don't spawn and the ship's engine maintain their state.
  • RAAAR! There was a bug where the monster didn't roar when it ate you. Fixed that!
  • Removed the ability for the player to move up and down. Nobody used it, it added nothing to the game and some people could get stuck.
  • Edited the game's text for typos and to make things make more sense. Clarified some areas.
  • Few people realized that you could examine and interact with objects, so any object that was only examinable but otherwise non-interactable did nothing. Now, it does the same thing as if you were to examine it.
  • Lowered the volume of the music, so it won't blow out your ears :)
  • A bunch of other miscellaneous bug fixes.


EREBOS v1.0.1 - HTML5 Play in browser
Sep 08, 2020
EREBOS v1.0.1 - Windows 23 MB
Sep 08, 2020
EREBOS v1.0.1 - OSX 24 MB
Sep 08, 2020
EREBOS v1.0.1 - Linux 24 MB
Sep 08, 2020

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