NEONnoir v1.1

Thank you so much for all of the support that you have shown me since the launch of NEONnoir a few months ago.

As a new year’s gift, I have for you a new version of the game that contains a few bug fixes among which are:

  • Fix for a soft lock that could happen if you used the hackstick on your computer before you had a chance to put data on it
  • A lot of performance improvements
  • Improvements to the dialogue, including this damn bug that would cut off some words
  • General improvements to the text of the story (spelling errors, mixing tenses, etc.)

A lot of the changes are behind the scenes as I prepare the NEONnoir engine for being able to use translation.

Stay tuned for more information on that (hopefully) soon.


NEONnoir v1.1 for Amiga 1200 2 MB
Jan 03, 2023

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It FORCES the NTSC mode now. That is not cool for PAL only users !

Can you make a Switch please ? Maybe a Tooltype ?
Thank you very much; Torti

I’ll look into putting a switch in the next version.

Does it mess with the ability to play? I was under the (possibly mistaken) impression that having the PAL and NTSC versions look the same would be better.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see what I can do to make it user selectable.

There are only a few odd lines that appear when the screen is dark and junks of data is loading.

 For example, when you load a game (those a just there for a second or two .. sems like some sort of decrompression or something like that)

No big deal, but that was not present in the Jam Version.

Seems to me that data/screens changes quicker on the older Version. The older version is also a bit bigger.

Do you use some sort of decompression now ?

Greetings, Torti.

PS: You can write me PM´s  on  EAB Amiga ; i look there pretty much every day ;)

Well done!